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             PAPAYA HALWA      

 It’s an Indian style dessert made of semi ripen papaya. You already heard about carrot and Moong Dal Halwa. My idea is to mix some health with the sweet. If you are more health aware you can adjoin jaggery as an alternative to sugar. I added sugar, khova (dry milk product); some dry fruits and fat in it.

Papaya (half
Ripen), grated 500 Gms
Sugar 100 Gms
Desi ghee 50 Gms
Khova 50 gms
Green cardamom
Powder ¼ tsp
Dry fruit, julienne
30 Gms (garnish)

               Peel and grate papaya in a big
Size. Just observe for any milk coming out of papaya if coming clean it with
the cloth. Now heat ghee in a pan, add papaya sauté it sometime it forms some scrambles. Now add khova and sugar at once. Sauté it till the sugar is fully dissolved in the
Mixture. Draw to a close it with green cardamom powder. Add 3/4th dry fruits to
The Halwa with the remaining garnish it and serve it chilled.

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