Friday, 9 January 2015

UNTOLD STORIES OF FOOD JOINTS (Purnabramha, hsr layout, bangalore)


                                      UNTOLD STORIES OF FOOD JOINTS
                Purnabramha….god is inside you and food is created by god so while having food you are connecting with god. While having food you are open up your 5 senses. This food joint started by JAYANTI PRANAV KATHLE
… It was in 2000 she came to Bangalore from the city of orange Nagpur to complete her training session in IT. After that marriage gone to Australia and came back up to India… at last in the year 2006 she settled in Bangalore with her big joint family . They did not found a good place to hang out with the authentic food and with the elders. As per her we are eating soda and corn flour today and not in a worry about our elders and younger generations. Especially ladies not founding proper care from food joints while pregnancy also. What she missed in her time. That she planned for every lady who comes to her joint while or near to birth… Her concern why we are forcing our elders and friends to use FORK & KNIF over Indian food also while they are not enjoying that... Before Purnabramha started RAJVARDHAN is the only place for Marathi delicacy in jayangar. Staff of here is 85% is women part so you can call it handled, operated and managed by the women power. Because of that here tax is around 4% only remaining 10% is borne by the govt.
                They planned the whole restaurant in a manner to feel like you are in a Marathi home. People usually think MARATHI & MAHARASTRIAN are same. If you born in Maharashtra and your mother tongue are Marathi you are a Marathi if you are living in Maharashtra whichever is your mother tongue you are a MAHARASTRIAN. It applies to all. Menu of here is cyclic and for everyday the menu is designed as the beliefs of astro & every days menu is influenced by a specific region of Maharashtra. For today is Friday and shukra is the graha adhikari today he will affect your digestion so you have to take light food... todays menu influenced by the devulgav raja region.
                Apart from that they are not using CORNFLOUR, no SODA, no MSG and no PRESERVATIVE in their kitchen they wish to give your next generation a good future by the healthy food from nature. In Purnabramha if you are celebrating your birthday you will get some good surprises like arati and puranpoli as sweet but you can’t blow candles as Indian belief we are blowing the diyas when someone dies. On the auspicious day of your birth how can you do that? For every kid they are giving liberty to plan their own menu and name it as BALGOPAL MEAL…. To engage kid they have authentic Indian quiz some colourings and puzzle at the back of the menu…  From starting to the food to the chair they have logic behind that… Their cooking team or anyone visiting the kitchen cant with shoes or without having a shower that’s a good tradition they are using in kitchen as a chef I can say. .. They are planning some toys to give away to kids with Indian touch… They are open for your personal celebration in an authentic way like … Dohal Jevan (godh bharaye rasam), namakaran, 61’st/75th/81th/100 birthday celebration that’s for your parents.  Within some days they are planning NO SURFING ZONE inside the restaurant because of what you can take your meal fully and enjoy the meal time with your family with peace…. They have the correct sitting procedures displayed on wall to give you a full pleasure of eating…
                So bon appetite keeps in touch for more untold stories from restaurants ….. With culinary regards chef bb

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