Saturday, 14 February 2015

Le Rubi's

                      LE RUBI’S
                Always this dessert reminds me about my charming recollections with Leela palace, Bangalore. I prepared it when I am functioning as a trainee in Leela palace, Bangalore. I prepared this in my interview for chefs called as FOOD TRIAL. It was cross checked by renowned chef Avijit ghosh, corporate pastry chef of LEELA VENTURES. It’s a dessert completed of white chocolate mousse and strawberry ganache. So here you will get to know about 2 dishes.
120 ml/04 nos                    Egg white
200 gms                                White chocolate, melted (callebaut)
10 Gms                                 Gelatin, dissolved & melted
100 gms                                Sugar, castor
200 gm                                  Cream, whipped
Strawberry ganache
300 gms                                Strawberry, fresh
100 gms                                Sugar, granulated
50 Gms                                 Liquid glucose
10 Gms                                 gelatin, dissolved & melted
                Prepare strawberry ganache first add all ingredients in a sauce pan heat it on slow flame until strawberry fully melts with sugar. Now keep it aside to cool. At the later stage add gelatin.  now the ganache is ready to use. On the other hand start making white chocolate mousse. Melt the chocolate and keep it aside to be cool. Now whip the egg whites with a whisker and add sugar slowly. Fold with cream and gelatin. Add the melted & cooled chocolate in the cut and fold shape.
                Take a round cake mould without any base. Fill 1/3 with white chocolate mousse keep in deep freeze. Take it out and give some marks and lines with a fork on the hard surface of frozen mousse top another ½ with strawberry ganache. Now again freeze this. On top again white chocolate mousse will come. Garnish as you like I garnished with fresh strawberry and sugar glazing.
                Note: - you can use raspberry also the between layer should be red in color.

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