Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Vietanam in Bnangalore

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   I stepped in this place for a foodie group meet up of HOMP Bangalore........... The locality is very good situated inside the phoenix market city mall...... so each and every modern facility is available.... very neat and comfortable place for families, kids, couple and business meetings also... They serve only authentic Vietnamese cuisine... Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about their work and owner Mr. Nirav taking care of each and everything personally that's very unique and I loved it.

They welcomed in a very pleasant manner started with started CUA RANG ME (A crab preparation with tangy sauce) really amazing I am from a costal belt so know the taste of the crab its really good and sauce is a killer, GA XAO XA OT (Lemon grass chicken) really amazing, I am not a veg lover after that also the different cooking and serving style in this cuisine attracted me... BANH GOI is my fav in veg must try..... Very less oil you can say no and spices are nowhere in the scene (I am talking about Indian spices don’t mistake me) after that also the dishes are yum one by one.... In between nirav introduced his some of the mock tails what I have to tell about the mock tails everyone liked the mock tails variations.......
    LAU NONG in mains you should try it’s  a pot full of meal it has everything in it as per nutrition....CHE THAI & CEM at last delighted all with their sweetens as dessert.
So personally I am waiting for the story of Hanoi how it started and why... I am eagerly waiting to taste again the food thank you all staffs and specially Mr. Nirav....
Bon appetite
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