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About Chef BB

       Although from Odisha by birth, Chef BB’s love of food actually began when he was 8 and he started helping his father in cooking . He was influenced by his beloved father and uncles, themselves as cooks at Odisha in the 1990’s, and the quality of ingredients he saw from local farms and suppliers.

Chef BB worked in some of India's most influential starred hotels and restaurants before joining as a catering instructor in govt of india’.

Chef BB spent more than 3 years as a Chef.
He is a family oriented man, enjoys life in the kitchen and service lab with his incredible team and students.creating fresh new seasonal dishes and menus. During his spare time Chef enjoys spending quality time with his family, demonstrating new cuisines to his friends, travelling for food is another hobby.
Chef BB’s Style of cooking: Modern-Indian using primarily Indian local and seasonal ingredients. His dishes change with the seasons so in the summer, he likes to cook lighter dishes and then in winter they take on more rustic influences. However he is passionate about homemade style cooking as well as health foods prepared with fresh organic ingredients.

Chef BB's signature dishes include: , Roast chicken with red wine sauce, cheese cakes, caramel custard

Chef’s Favorite Foods: Depending on the season… Indian, BBQ or Grilled.

What made bibhuti become a chef: When he first landed in hyderabad, he started to work as a waiter then receptionsist and then a cook. looking at tall hotels, he wanted to work there someday. Aspiring thoughts to cook in grand influential kitchens and his understanding of seasonality akin to all farmers and secondly the zeal and fascination of his father and uncles, themselves as cooks.  When he started cooking, people would always compliment him and this encouraged him to become a chef.

Career Milestones
  After my education I started my carrier at The Leela palace Kempnski, Bangalore as a Chef trainee.
  I am now Professional in Food Production, opening new hotel setups and culinary consultant.
  Having good experience of leading & dealing effectively with people at all the level including all nationalities.
  Managed the family business  & outdoor.
  Professional Experience in Five Star Hotels, Caterings .
  I have done Fruit Carvings, Pre-plated western food presentation for pranob mukherji while he is in opening ceremony of GMR Dental college .
  Strong communication skills and practical knowledge.
  Willing to learn with a very friendly nature.
  Always come out with new ideas, creativity, high passion and integrity on the job.
  Professional in consulting multi cuisine menus with cost & kitchen setup.
  Professional in consulting Food Safety & Hygiene Standard requirements in the food production.

In case of any further queries, please feel free to contact or respond to this mail.

Culinary Regards-
Chef BB
By birth chef
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