Sunday, 17 May 2015

Restaurant Review (Lavanga)

    Lavanga clove gives you freshness for your mouth. As per the Vedic era they used Lavanga as a medicine and what our friend done he choosen the same name for his food joint. Excellent name bro first of all. Stepped in into on the 4th day of operations. While going to 3 ediots for the food tasting suddenly my foodie eyes catched this newly opened food joint. That time some work is going on so I think now you can see the upgraded version as compared to my clicks.

   I got the chance to taste momos they are really stunning and tasty with their accompaniment. Very hygienic place. Mr. Thimmaiah worked with the leaders of hospitality so he knows how to handle a guest. On that day only I noticed he is really good with his behavior. They have planned a good menu. Really waiting to visit you again guys...

    Feeling sad also because I am the first one to discover and inform zomato also to list this restaurant unfortunately Adishtya taken the chance to be the first reviewer no prob

Bon Appetite @ Chef BB
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