Sunday, 17 May 2015

Restaurant Review (Utsav Grand)

       Utsav stands for festival giving you wide variety of service starting from self-service counter at the down stairs, A fine dine as per them on the 1st floor (but as per me for fine dining there is so many thumb rules by the way) and party hall also they are providing... Good new food joint... Which serves veg and non veg...? That's good news for me... Because whenever I see the only veg board I feel something missing in my stomach... very clean and hygienic environment they are maintain...
 We have stepped in for a Saturday lunch... We order one chicken biryani Andhra style and meals... As per the taste required the biryani is spicy and with lot of chillies that is called as Andhra style but the cooking method little varied from Andhra as they use some amount of brown onion slices that was missing in the biryani apart from that biryani is good... In meals quite disappointed me it too spicy curries and even pappu also... We choosen self-service but the minimal service really quick... But they have more scope for improvisation... Really looking forward to use your (fine dining) service if time permits...

Bon Appetite @ Chef BB
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