Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Onion Kheer (New in list)


Onion, finely chopped                              50 Gms
Milk boiled                                               01 Lts
Butter, Unsalted                                        30 Gms
Dry fruit                                                    30 Gms
Green Cardamom                                      05 gms
Sugar                                                         50 Gms
Milk Maid                                                 40 ml
                Finely chop the onions and drop into boiling water with some green cardamoms. Now let it boil for 4-5 minutes on high flame. Strain it and throw the hot water. Take milk in another pan or vessel boil it in the meantime. Melt some butter in a frying pan. Add dry fruits to it and sauté it till golden brown color comes on top. Take it out and keep it aside. Now add onion to the remaining butter and sauté it till light golden brown color comes. Add sautéed onion & dry fruit to the boiling milk. Cook it on slow flame until the onion fully cooked (Not required chewing). Now add sugar to it & cook till milk thickens. Finish it with milkmaid. Cool it thoroughly. Garnish it with dry fruit. Serve it chill. Don’t say your guest what is the dish Just tell them to taste & give their feedback they can’t trust you if you tell this ONION KHEER. Trust me…. I had faced the same situation
          Note: - For making it more delicious you can add saffron/silver leaf (for Garnish)/kewada jal (screw pine flavor)/khova to it.
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