Monday, 3 August 2015

Dimsum Trail & Dessert platter (Food tasting)

Cantonese style restaurant in town famous for it's dim sums. Dim sums are the most traditional dish of southern part of china. Now coming to the locality situated in upper level of  1 MG MALL. Beside of Taj vivanta you can find it very near to the trinity circle. Parking facility is provided by the mall which is chargeable with a nominal fee. At the entrance you will find a display dessert counter. As a pastry man their spray work on the desserts attracted me a lot. Now the ambiance of the joint. As per the fine dining they have a very spacious place to accommodate food lovers. Nice slow music provided. Staffs are very helpful and know their job perfectly. Upholstery is up to the mark. I liked their staff behavior how they train to use your chop stick and grab your food. As well as spoon fork provided on request so don't hesitate.
   They served some most delicacies from their "DIM SUM TRAIL" & "DESSERT PLATTER". It's like a combo to serve the guest better and at a reasonable price. They served some CHAR SUI BUN, HAR GAU, SANGHAI DUMPLING, CRISPY ROLL, CRISPY VEG CHEUNG FUN from their awesome dim sum trail. From that I liked a lot CHAR SUI BUN a must try for non veg lovers & Crispy veg cheung fun from veg list.
   They are good at their dessert also as well as their dim sums.... They have a variety of macaroon. As per their color you can guess the flavor. From dessert I will say MACAROONS are well made. Because I found it really difficult while making it in Leela kitchen. RELIIGIEUSE also another sweet stuff you may try.
    Bon Appetite @ Chef BB      

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