Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Legendary food joint (Shivaji Military Hotel)

   A legendary place runs by 3rd generation. They are famous for meat lovers and specially Donne Biryanis. In lunch time you have to struggle for a place so it's better to reach before 12 and place your order as soon as possible. God knows when the big biryani pots will finish. Military hotels are get started in Bangalore long back. They have a long history. As I heard Hindu Military hotels serve meat and poultry dishes because that time old Bangalore is famous for its veg delicacies so differenciate in the eateries. Then there are again Hindu military hotels which don't serve beef and pork.

   They are famous for their spicy Donne biryani which they serve in leaf bowls with spicy thin gravy and Salad. I got a chance to explore their kitchen also. Kitchen is straight like a train with big vessels. All things are prepared in bulk with the traditional recipes. If you are lucky you can get some chili chicken in breakfast here.
  Service is minimal but quick. Not very expensive also. A must try for spicy biryani lovers.

   Bon Appetite @ Chef BB
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