Thursday, 17 September 2015

Kritunga a spicy trail

    The name itself the combination of 2 rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra. The founder of the food joint is from one of the village from Andhra which is situated at the joining point of these 2 rivers. While starting this food joint he has this dream to place his locality name on top with serving good quality spicy Andhra food. They are using almost spices from Andhra directly. They buy it directly from the farmer and ground it freshly and packing it for Bangalore. That's a really good thing to beat the mixing things in spices and maintain a good quality. 
   Marathalli outlet is situated at outer ring road of Marathahalli. In the building you have to take a very new age technology lift. Which is a very slow and making sound while moving oh my god save me Lol? The ambience is nice with a long crowd every time for their famous food. 
    I have tried their jawar roti and gutu vankaya curry. In which small size of brinjals used with highly spiced think paste gravy. I like it because I use to it from my college time in Visakhapatnam. Service is decent I can't call it good. Because they are not trained guys. But the food is good you may try if you can sustain with red chillies. They have more dishes to try out like natikodi biryani (country chicken biryani) and Andhra mutton curry.
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