Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tips to Loose Weight

STOP with the consummation of ALL sugars!
No  starchy vegetables.
No fruit juices at all, only fruits that don’t contain lot of sugar, as apples.
No sweets at all (only some products with stevia and honey are allowed)
No cookies, candies, alcohol, processed food with sugar, cereals, etc. No sugar at all!
This may look like a harsh regime.
Consume A LOT of beans and vegetables
Have some greens for your breakfast (steamed or fried is ok, even juiced is fine).
Have salads for your lunch and your dinner.
Do not consume all animal proteins and replace them with legumes.
Instead of butter use the coconut oil and instead of sunflower oil use the olive one
 Slowly reduce carbohydrates like rice and the other whole grain to half serving.
Stick to the eating schedule and EAT LESSER!
Do not consume food after 7pm, not even fruit.
Drink only lemon water or herbal tea between the meals.
Eat 3 smaller meals during the day or 2 meals.
Prefer this regime for a month!
 Start doing exercises, running, walking or biking for 10 minutes at first, then add plus 5 minutes every next day. Maximum 30 minutes per day and weekly one day as no exercise day.
A juice fast will “force” your body to lose weight.

If you are not able to work out every day, do the juice fast and consume only 2 meals per day.

(C) 2015 Chef BB 

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