Monday, 28 September 2015

Truly punjabi cuisine in IT city

   In this IT city exploring the food outlets from last 4 years, I did not get anything near to authentic Punjabi cuisine. But, that's my luck you can say got an invitation on their 1st anniversary the Kapoor's cafe. I thought it's a casual dhaba before step in. After I occupied a table I got to know about the hospitality level they are maintaining. Mr. senior Kapoor or Kapoor uncle as we all calling them with immense love have more experience than a senior level manager of a 5-star property in handling hospitality outlets. So, he trained his sons to take care of the guest like a family member. You can't feel you are in a restaurant at any point of time apart from the bill payment (on a lighter note). I am talking about the hospitality standard and guest handling technology. But sorry guys you will not get any type of nonveg dishes here after a hardcore Punjabi restaurant not serving nonveg which is the heart of Punjabi cuisine. But their veg delicacies are so yummy you will forget nonveg I can assure you that.                                           

        I went with my cousin. We started our meal from dry fruit lassi so amazing with roasted dry fruits really crunchy while chewing. 

   Then the kalmi Punjabi sticks. So crunchy and yummy while writing also I have to wipe off my face.

In the main we got some Dhabe di dal. All recipes are from Aunty (Mrs. Kapoor) I can say just one thing as a chef I made so many types of dal and as a critic I have tasted so many. But this dal just out of the world. I can open challenge the pro chefs to compete with this standard. I forgot to tell about Paneer lababdar, Khasta paratha which came with 4 layers and some shahi pulao

         We ended up our meal with Chawal di kheer and Fruit cream (Kapoor's special). You will doubt me why I am saying about fruit cream in a Punjabi restaurant. Because the cream was homemade yes, guys the cream was not bought from outside market. You have to taste it for sure.

Bon Appetite @ Chef BB

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