Sunday, 29 November 2015

Hello Curry Food Tasting session

  Got a chance to attend their food tasting session with FOOD BLOGGERS ASSOCIATION, BANALORE. Invited on their 12th meet up with fellow bloggers. They have given a brief idea on their product with sample servings. 

   What I have understood from the conversation they are trying to build a nationwide delivery brand for Indian food. Started their operations in way back 2013 in Hyderabad. Enhanced their footsteps to Bangalore. Get funded by Sri Capitals.
   I liked their innovative packaging system. I will say this “INDIAN FOOD IN WESTERN CONTAINER”.As per them you need to go and search for crockery and cutlery for hello curry food. As the western country now a day’s Indians also don’t have time to wait for their food. That’s why they are emphasizing more on delivering quick as soon as possible.  Their containers have so many funny quotes I have enjoyed a lot after reading them all. Please try them.

    In the tasting session they served so many things I will go one by one

Bone less chicken Biryani - Not too spicy or authentic as well. Why because they have to cater a diversified stomach in Bangalore. That's why they edited their recipe a bit. Chicken is smooth not chewy. Thumbs up

Mighty chicken masala - If you love home style chicken curry must try it. Actually they have named this as ghar ka chicken before. Thumbs up

Cheesy capsicum paratha - It's from hello paratha which one acquired by hello curry. It's great to have fusion dishes. I liked the uniqueness. Its packaging like a box just enjoyed that.

Butter chicken - Changed the taste as per local demand. Not a Punjabi authentic butter chicken you can try it.

 Dal Makhani - They wish you can afford their product as well. That's why they did not used kidney beans. Instead of that they have used green grams. Which makes dal Makhani lighter and in your pocket daily basis? For the management: - can you search for a new name for this healthy dal.

 Kadhai Paneer - you can’t add Kadhai masals for bangalorean. Because we as a mass don't like over spiced food. But you can reduce the gravy and add some cubes of bell pepper, tomato and onion to it. 

 Double ka meetha - I can't tell wow but as per the charge it's ok.

Panchmel sabji - gravy is little more please reduce that and parboil you veggies always. It's little over cooked. I will suggest another point. If you can’t afford as per the costing French beans don't use beans. Because it have
tough strings.

Chocó Shots - Not yet on their menu. Prepared by one of the home chef. Good one with whipped cream, chocolate and noga (butter scotch granules). I felt it little bitter by adding some castor sugar you can overcome that. Apart from that you can give it a chance in your menu.

Must try food delivery option for Indian cuisine.

Reach them by dialing 
    or Borwse

 Best of luck for your future business
 Bon Appetite 
 @Chef BB

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