Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hungry Monk

 Hungry Monk situated in the most happening place of white filed phoenix market city mall. At the opposite of Amoeba. Very new eatery with some Chinese dishes and Thai It's situated inside the mall paid parking is available on the basements. Situated on the 2nd floor of the decent mall. They served a very good menu.  Upholstery is up to the mark but the service personnel’s needs good training but very well behaved and helpful. They have an open live kitchen where you can watch how your dish prepared by the chef is. They are using a very good POS in which I liked an option. Whenever your dish prepared chef just have to click on system a button on the same time your server’s handset will vibrate. Really good option as a chef I felt.
In soup I got Sea Food Coriander soup which is tasty but thick. They used more corn flour. But the stock they made it well.
Thai Chili Basil noodle great combination and perfectly cooked. Noodle boiled up to Al Dante.
Volcano Prawns made really good. They used good quality prawn with tail with some meringue. Plating also really great you can see in pic. It gives the feeling of volcano.
 I liked Malaca fried rice as well. 
Schezwan Choupsey really well made. Added some red chili paste and friend nooles are well made. The sauce tasty and flavourful but thick again.
Caramel Banana is well made in dessert. Crusty and tasty.

Bon Appetite @ Chef BB 

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