Thursday, 24 December 2015

Affimity an Unique Social Network

   I recently joined Affimity, a new kind of Social Network with specific interest channels. I was drawn to it as I was looking for a platform to share passion in cooking and travel with similar minded folks and learn new techniques. I got really easy and very informative.
  I found that majority of today’s social feeds like Facebook are very noisy and is hard to actually talk about your real interests on those. Because of some of your friends on social media may not like your post. Most of today’s social networks are centred on people you friend or follow, and you are connected to all of their thoughts regardless of your interest in the content of most of those thoughts. You cannot just get the posts that you are truly interested in – say fitness or food or football, from the people you are connected to.
    Affimity seems to focus on your interests, and connect to people who share the same interests like you. I found this to be more useful and met hundreds of people who like and share my thoughts. They have so many intresting channels apart from Food as Cricket, Travel and Bollywood.
   Affimity still seems to be much smaller than Facebook or Twitter, but if you have specific interests that you will like to share and learn from others, it’s a great place to go.
Check out my profile on affimity
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