Sunday, 10 January 2016

Affimity-Friend of Food Bloggers

    Now a day’s so many options came for food bloggers to drag traffic to their blog. But I have found something fascinating social media called as Affimity. They have interest specific channels which feeds your interest. In different social Medias if you follow a name all of his/her posts will appear on your newsfeed. So, you may not observe your interest based posts. Let's talk about Facebook. Here you have to post in specific groups which have good traffic and members. But some of them again don't allow the food bloggers to post their blog link directly. By that after posting also you are not getting best result. Where is on Affimity’s Food channel. All of the users present there are interested to know about food only. So, the chances are great. Again you can share your direct link with a nice picture not only food recipes only reviews or any other articles as well.
   Again they have one really good programme running called as featured writer. If, you have posted some good quality articles and got some good digit of followers you will get a giant orange star denotes that you are a "FEATURED WRITER" on Affimity.
   They have a very good opportunity people can follow you. So, not like other social media public from another interest specific also can follow you. But on Affimity only same interest sharing people will follow you. That shows the credibility when you pitch your profile before the brands. I found it really trouble-free to use as contrast to other social media websites and more options to explore.
   Social media posts are always attractive with the images with it. As in Affimity the images will come first. Then your content so it’s always attracts more traffic to your blog. They have 3 step image compressing structure. So, by that if some of the follower needs the bigger size of your image he/she can get it. That’s another beauty I did not seen in any of the social Medias up to now.

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