Saturday, 27 February 2016

38 Castle Street - Soft Launch


   Castle. That's the name of the latest infant in town. And just to keep you from wondering about its pedigree, let me tell you that it's a cool new place opened by Nikhil ( of Smally's Cafe ). Got an invitation for their soft launch on 14th of February, the universal day of celebrating love. Loved the artsy feel to that place. The White walls lined with artistic images and beautiful blue Upholstery gave it that nice Mediterranean feel. The place is divided into two levels. It is located near to Lifestyle mall at the castle street.  The logo conjures up the image of a beautiful castle, one that envelopes you is a warm mist within its womb. 

   The soft launch session was organised on the rooftop with nice karaoke. Among the many Images lining the walls, I loved the one of the thinking person. It was somehow reminiscent of 'Atlas Shrugged', one of those rare books that left a lasting impression on me. At the event, they served some finger foods which is really enjoyed. The one's that impressed me are - 

Parmesan Cauliflower Bites - Really crunchy and garnished with grated Parmesan Cheese.

Honey Chilli Sesame Fries - Crispy well balanced with honey and chili flakes.

Cream Cheese Bites - Cheese balls they have named as cheese balls. Yummy in taste with a crispy outer layer of bread crumb.

Paneer Cigars - Cottage cheese stuffed inside the roll and deep fried. Yummy in taste and crispy from out.

Tobasco Chicken Crisper - Chicken boneless cubes tossed with the flavour of tobacco.
Smoked Corn Beef

Fish Fingers - Made of good quality single bonefish and well seasoned with continental spices and parsley. Served with a Nice Mayo Dip.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets - Chicken Nuggets made freshly with the boneless poultry and good quality seasoning. Deep fried with an outer layer of bread crumbs.

Turkish Beef Kofta - Black in colour because tossed with the sauce and prolonged cooking.
Oreo Cheese Cake - nowadays in trend Oreo biscuits layered with cream cheese and whipped cream.

   The event witnessed top food bloggers of Bangalore. Some of the top chefs of Bangalore also visited the place.
   Check out more about them on their Zomato page.
Bon Appetite Chef BB

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