Thursday, 11 February 2016

Thailand in Bangalore

   Ah what an evening to relish with Thai cuisine. The food joint was situated on CMH road in a findable place no need to describe about that. Rooftop's now a day’s trend in Bangalore food market. Nice breeze makes this place more peaceful to continue with your meal. All around you can find the Thai touch starting from the interiors to the walls as well. You can check out the pictures.

  So good about Thai cuisine is without any mies en place you will get good quality food on your table. That's what I got as food I will start describing food one by one. It may be long article please bear my bad English.

   Tom Yum Clear (Mushroom) - fine with the taste of galangal (Thai Ginger), limes leaf and other Thai seasoning. If I am not wrong they are providing fish sauce separately for the Indian guests. That's a good habit to keep Indian taste buds in mind.

   Tom Yum (Prawn) - you can smell the good aroma of coconut milk in it. Seasoning and taste as per the traditional recipes as described on the above paragraph.

   Minced Chicken with Basil leaves - Not so over spiced with the red chilly but the basil leaves accompanied with the minced chicken an awesome combination for sure.

   Fish with Sweet chilli sauce - It's fried with batter coated and dipped in sweet chilli sauce. But the fish taste is quite different that's why I have checked and they are using Sea Bass which is one of top quality fish to use in cooking.

   Two Oceans - I have picked up a Chardonnay to go with sweet and light from South Africa.

   Prawn with Egg celery - Seasoned scrambled egg with sautéed prawn and chunks of celery. If you like flavours of celery yes this dish for you.

   (Gai Hor Baitey) Chicken Wrapped in Pandean leaves deep fried - Not a great taste but these leaves are so good with their nutriotional values to have with. Please try if you care about your health.

   (Som Tam) Raw Papaya Salad - Grated raw papaya served with a fresh Thai styled salad dressing and some ground nuts. Papaya is always filled with loads of Vitamin A and C.

   (Gai Katiam) Chicken stir fried with garlic - Garlic is always a centre piece for any dish. But if you add that to the Thai cuisine it's just awesome.

   Fruit Punch - I have prepared this famous drink so many times. But I have tasted this time at this place with an awesome taste. I will taste it again in near future. Because this drink will always reminds me my childhood.

   Green curry with a bowl of rice - I never been tasted it with pea brinjals not at least in Bangalore. Pea brinjals have medicinal usage in Thailand as well as in India in Siddha system of medicines.

   Vanilla Ice cream - They are outsourcing it from company called Ideal please have a taste. I will bet you can't suggest good place to me to have this kind of ice cream. 
   In a Happy note thumbs up for your trials to promote Thai cuisine in Bangalore and you are successful to give the authentic one.

Some valuable information about the food joint
#725, 4th Floor
Above Clinrad Diagnostics & Research center,Chinmaya Mission Hospital Rd
First Stage, Defence Colony, Indiranagar, Bengaluru
Karnataka 560038
11:00am-3:30pm || 7:00pm-11:30pm, 08068888001, 07411888888

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