Thursday, 11 February 2016

Untold Stories of a Food Joint - Gobble Me Up

   Sometimes you have to give up something to gain something. That is what Sharmain did when she quit her well paying job to follow a dream to bring a Spanish delicacy – “Churros” to foodies in Bangalore. 
  Sharmain and her husband share a love for interesting foods that has taken them too many places and Spain was one of them. They were introduced to the traditional Churros which was the initial idea, but in time - they decided to transformed the humble Churros into the gourmet filled Churros they sell today. This would give versatility to the product and allow for scaling. Being a foodie, Sharmain knew what the market would respond to as well.
 Once the decision was taken and she quit her job, she gave herself 2 months to have every aspect of the start-up completed and ready to launch.  From sourcing specialised equipment, product design to staffing and location – in the two months that seemed like a whirlwind, she was ready to launch on target. Today she is grateful for the support system she had for her 3 year old child without which this feat would not have been possible. Her husband, who continues to work too, supports her during the weekends.
  Just a few months down the line and “Gobble Me up- the Churros Destination” has a continuous growing fan base. They often have repeat customers and their first time customers who can’t stop at one Churros.  The couple’s passion for food is obvious when you meet them at their store situated in the food court of VR Bangalore mall. They often have monthly specials, sometimes a recipe that Sharmain works on purely out of passion for food and flavours.
 You can reach Gobble Me Up
Facebook    -    Gobble Me Up on Facebook
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For your Catering requirements also you contact her on 9611103499.



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