Monday, 8 February 2016

Untold Stories of a Food Joint - The Sweet Affair

  Samantha Lazaro: popularly known as Sam was born in Chennai, and brought up in Bangalore. Currently, she is working as a HR Manager for a Banking organization. She carries with her over 19 years of corporate experience.

   For all her life, Samantha says that the kitchen and she were sworn enemies, and it was decided that they would keep their distance as much as they possibly could.
    In mid 2015, Samantha went through a personal crisis – she lost her mum, the person who taught her everything about life and her absolute support. The impact had a ripple effect, and she struggled to get her feet back on the ground.  And in one of those attempts to keep her mind occupied, she tried baking a simple “mug cake”. It doesn't get easier than that - dump all the ingredients into a coffee mug, stir vigorously, and into the oven it went, and out came a cake!

  The success of the mug cakes got her excited and curious about the world of baking. She treaded slowly but steadily on this adventurous journey, investing a lot of time in to learning the art.  She did a lot of trial and errors; sampling many tasty (and many not-so-tasty) cakes, and finally got her passion this far. While she is still trying to get her hands around the entire gamut of baking, she does believe (and so do her many fans and family members) that her cakes and bakes are delicious and leaves you craving for more.
 She started “The Sweet Affair” to showcase her art, passion and hard work. “Cosmoadda” was her first public event.   And in her own words, “Baking is my hobby, my passion and truly my yoga!”
   If you wish to know more about her venture, please mail her

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