Monday, 29 February 2016

Untold Stories of A Food Venture - V & V Patisserie

   Vijetha and Vimuktha are sisters. They have completed MBBS and have been managing family business – L.P.G Distribution. The idea of opening a pâtisserie was an impulsive decision but they wanted to do something, which involved creativity and involvement were always in their mind.
Lovely Sisters

    Baking has always kept them engrossed and heeded. Both were fond of baking in free time. Sisters believe that baking a cake for loved ones on their special day is a unique gift one can get. Whenever baked they shared with family and friends. They loved it and cheered both to take it professionally.

   In due course, things started to fall in place and they started to get numerous celebration cake orders. V & V started as a small establishment and become familiar and noteworthy. The kudos and compliments about cakes and cupcakes are helping them to aspire and perpetuate further.


  Vimuktha and Vijetha at V & V Pâtisserie bake delectable cakes, cupcakes, and desserts. They aim to have cake lovers to come back frequently to V & V. Consumer contentment is the priority without compromising on the quality.

   It is the trend these days to have a themed birthday, parties, wedding, and engagements. They get a lot of theme-based orders and enjoy baking for these occasions. Their priority here is to make more creative and colorful cake as per the theme. They rejoice that smile seen on customer’s face when they see their celebration cake made to their specification and grandeur.

In this industry, every day is demanding and challenging. They work with full participation to complete orders before time and make customers delighted.

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