Saturday, 20 February 2016

World Class Cocktail Masterclass 2016 with Tim Judge

   It's a fabulous time to research with the traditional drinks. Like all you know single malts meant for neat or on the rocks. As my dear friend and drink conosseiour in our circle Capt. Hari Camla told it's a "huge waste of Single Malts." I also have the same thinking before attending this event. 
  But Tim Etherington-Judge  made two Great drinks from The Singleton Of Dufftown 12 Years Old. Oh, I forgot to introduce Tim.

   Tim Don't require an introduction. He is the Diageo World Class Ambassador. He started his career in Cornwall way back in 2005 at a beach resort cafe selling ice cream. From their his interest for cocktail mixing was kicked off. In the year 2009 won bartender of the year in New Zealand. He is the guy who reopened the bar of Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai after the terrorist attacks.  Some of his nice tips for aspiring bartenders Batching Cocktails, All About American Whiskey and How to win a Cocktail Competition. 

   World class giving a great platform to the aspiring bartenders and winners are getting a chance to visit abroad and experience the new trends in the industry.  The winners started from 2012 to 2015 as follows Tim Philip(2012), David Rios (2013),  Charles Joly (2014)Michito Kaneko (2015). Regionally Indian winners are different from this list.

 Tim prepared 2 drinks for us. First one is Cold Fashioned and the second one is Singelton Sour.

  In Cold Fashioned, he went with the traditional way of making Old Fashioned drink with a twist. He used cold brewed coffee which was taken around 15 hours of time with angostura bitter. It's suitable more to the American taste buds.

   2nd one is my favourite Tim mixed Apricot Brandy, Egg white and sugar syrup. It's lovely to see his usage of Orange oil in the drinks. Citrus always stabilises the drinks taste.
   More info about Singelton Dufftown 12 Years Old is smooth, naturally rich Single Malt Scotch Whisky has sweet fruity notes and a lingering, pleasurable warmth.From 1896, the Singelton has used to supply of beverage so pure, legend has it that rivals tried to divert its course to steal it. Dufftown is the  “Malt Whisky Capital of the World” because of it’s natural resources. Because of the water the smoothness in the single malt was coming. Twelve years in American casks deliver sweet, fruity notes with a charming warmth and perfect balance. in 2006 it was released, This is perfect single malt for its lovers.
   Thanks to Shangri la, Bangalore to host the show and it's nice to avail their high-class hospitality and food. 
   Without a groupie how we can say the happy ending of a successful event. The event seen some top food bloggers of Bangalore.

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