Thursday, 3 March 2016

Bloggers Table at Big Pitcher

   Big Pitcher is on my bucket list for a long time. When I use to work in Leela Palace Bangalore seen it so many times from outside. Finally, the day came invited for a blogger table at Big Pitcher arranged by FBAB (Food Bloggers Association, Bangalore) They are well known for their huge Micro Brewery which is the biggest which is I have visited in Bangalore. Huge copper mash tuns are the eye catcher while you pass the place. They have 5 restaurants in the same building. In and around Old Airport Road of Bangalore it's one of the most happening places. Because of its party space and spectacular events. You should try out it soon if you did not do it up to now.  They have some nice foodstuffs which go well with the beer and other beverages you order. If you require loud music Ground and 1st floor is the good option for you. If you love a silent place 2nd floor is the suitable option as well.
    The big pitcher can give you 6 types of food and beverage at a time. Being the biggest Micro Brewery in Bengaluru, have six floors filled with food and beverage.Club Kahuna is a good mix of music and dance with the signature brew, cocktails and IMFL. If you love Wild West ambience step in at Splitwood. Start ordering your shots and get lost in the bizarre world of cowboy-themed music. With this article, it's the best food blog Bangalore. If there is something which equals your craving for beer and cocktails, it should be nothing else but Barbeque. you will get the good pairing of food with the BBQ and table top grill at the Sizzling Street. Be it a conference or get together  Studio 4121 is ‘the one place’ where you can enjoy the occasion with the draught.  Star Lounge brings you some of the world’s best cocktails, culinary preparations and a lot more in a refined, sophisticated, best of ambience.
   Some of the Food & Beverage rumbled my taste buds. The event was witnessed top food bloggers Bangalore.

Golden chicken Fingers - Crispy and melts in the mouth (Chicken tenderloins served with honey mustard dressing.

 Fisherman's pot - In this almost all seafood batter fried given you in a basket with a butter paper underneath to extract the extra oil with tartare sauce (Basha, Calamari, Prawn deep fried with beer batter coating)

 Dirty Fries - The name tells everything to take some french fries add whatever comes to your hand that may be veg or non-veg That makes a perfect Dirty fry.
 Ceaser Salad -  Always a great lover of this preparation but tasted with mushroom because of fusion stuff they used this But I like it.
 Prawn Islander Shrimp Salad - Shrimps served with mild coconut curry dressing in a Martini glassware.
 Tom Kha Soup -  Thai speciality soup with the flavour of Coconut milk.
 Inn pizza Khazana Tandoori Chicken - Whatever I cook and eat from the heart I am always an Indian.

 Caterpillar -  Cucumber, Avacado, Freshwater eel wrapped in Rice wrappers.

 Santas Lamb Chop Steak - Lambchop made in heaven always I hope you agree with me.

 Nasi Goreng - Malaysian style Rice preparation with Asian spices.
 Australian Lemon Cheese Cake - Soft and tasty with the base of cookies crumble.
 Creme Burle with exotic fruit - Desserts are tasted good with the plating always check out the plating I need not tell my experience.
 Flambe Gulab Jamun - Gulab Jamuns finished with rum in flambe method. Which gives a strong flavour to the famous Indian Dessert.

Bon Appetite @Chef BB

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