Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Gujarati Marawari Food Festival at Indian Kitchen

   In India, you may find so many cuisines and sub-cuisines inside of this you can find so many sub-cuisines as well. but the food from the west always attracts me a lot because of their uniqueness and hot & sour (chatpati)taste. Indian cuisine reflects 5,000 years of history of food from different groups and cultures interacting within its map.  India is a paradise for food lovers and Indian kitchen aim to serve the authentic flavours through out the Indian map. In this regard, they have stated the "Gujarati Marwari foodfestival" starting from 1st March to 9th March where you can taste some of the authentic flavours of the region.

   I have visited so many restaurants up to now by seeing this beautiful place's artistic interior I fell in love with it. Really a great touch from the Indian point of view.

  Chef Shaikh Istekhar Mohammed and his brilliant team are working hard to make the perfect dish for you.

 They have some tremendous dishes from the region like Panki (Savory rice pancakes steamed in banana leaf),
 Moong Dal Chilla (Yellow Gram Pancakes), You may heard of Besan ke chille a famous breakfast option from North. But it's different in taste with a west twist.
 Bajri Khichu (Hotchpotch made of Millet), Khichdi is always close to every Indians heart because of it's homely preparation but if you have it with a healthy option like  millet and served with a Gujarati twist you will like it for sure.
 Fada ni khichdi (Cracked wheat pulao served with curd), Dhan Shak Bhath (Parsi dal with rice),
Undhiyu (Mix veg of Gujarati cuisine), Mix veg is always a healthy option for now a days junk foodies. If you mix it with the chatpata taste from Gujarat you will be a fan of this veg preparation.
  Kanda Batata sambhariya (a dish made of Potato and Onion) goes well with roti or Puri. They served it with palak puri. The combination on its own is a very simple and sweet 
 Khichdi kadi- batata saag,
 Moong Dal shira (Gujarati style Moong dal halwa),Moong dal halwa is a famous dessert for non health freaks because of its overload of ghee. I will bet you, you will taste the best Halwa here.
 Rabdi Malpoa, As I made malpoa/Malpua from refined flour, curd and banana. I have tried something new here. You will like it for sure. The event was witnessed some top food bloggers of bangalore.

 you can reach out to them
Indian kitchen, 86, Oak shot Place, MG Road, Bangalore (Next to Barton Center)
Contact 080 25598995 / 9620644111
Timings 12 Noon to 3 Pm and 7 Pm to 11 Pm

 If you are unable to beat the bangalore traffic and make a way to MG Road. No need to worry you can order the amazing stuffs by using Swiggy as well. 

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