Monday, 6 June 2016

Box8 Food Review

  A nice Food Delivery venture landed here after their successful operations in Mumbai. The company was founded by the energetic duo Amit Raj and Anshul Gupta in 2012. Liked their packaging food quantity especially the delivery timing. Whatever they are promising they will deliver on that time slot.

 I have to praise the Dal Makhani for 98 bucks good quality and quantity of Dal I got. But a little bit disappointed with Paneer. 

   The gravy is sour in taste (Now don't tell me it's made of tomatoes that're the reason with the spices you have to balance the gravy it should be mildly sour and sweet not fully sour) and paneer cubed in very thin slices.

   Apart from they forgot to print the carry bags for Bangalore, that's why distributing Mumbai prints here as well. You can download their App to order quickly. Best of luck Box8.

Bon Appetite @Chef BB

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