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DANDELI - unexplored beauty of western Ghat

 First of all, I wish to thanks, which was started by Mr Rajesh and Mr Ramnath is managing it from Dandeli. He was very kind to help me out in every manner while his father is not well as well. That’s called as true hospitality you need not be a graduate from any foreign university for this. It’s their inner ability to handle people with a passion. It’s a nice journey from Bangalore to Alnavar junction by train.

 While en route to Dandeli you have to cross Haliyal which is situated around 12 km away from Alnavar and well connected with NKWRTC govt buses and private cabs as well. Then you have to take the route of Dandeli which is again well connected with the govt buses and private cabs from the haliyal bus depot. From there you have to travel another 5 km up to the pradhani village. After the pradhani village another  1.5 km you can reach Dandeli jungle camp.  Which suits the name jungle camp. It’s a temporary road up to the resort. Don’t be astonished if you spot some peacocks because I have spotted a herd but I am very unlucky I am unable to click their picture.

  I have reached the resort at around 5.45 pm. Mr Dharmesh Patel who owns this place welcomed in a proper hospitality gesture. By the way it good to know he is an alumni of Presidency college, Bangalore with a bachelor of Hospitality management. Which is situated at a short distance from my working place and he hails from Gujarat?

  Now coming to the DANDELI JUNGLE CAMP. Surrounded by the greenery and ample amount of forest. It is situated inside of Anshi forest Reserve of Karnataka. Which is well known for its tiger, bison, leopard, black tigers and panthers? Dandeli Jungle camp started in the year of 2001. It was originally started by Ms Sue Wood (London) and Mr Singh (Belgaum) in the year 1994. Which consist of 12 well-furnished cottages as per jungle surrounding, one tent house and 1 family room? In cottages, you will find 2 comfort beds, side table, comfort chair, washroom (WC) with shower and hot water if needed during the winter season.  Don’t assume for a king size bed with zacatuche with wifi because it’s a jungle camp. Just kidding you know better than me. Casually you will not get any kind of mobile operator’s network here apart from Airtel and BSNL. Airtel is providing its 3G services here. Be prepared if you don’t want to disconnect from the mobile and internet. But I will suggest getting disconnected so you can enjoy the nature. Loud music is not allowed so it’s really calm and peaceful all the time. You will enjoy the nature without any distraction. You will get the nice home cooked food. They have some sort of packages to choose from. Will give you the details in the next paragraph.
   2 days 12 check in 11 checks out Shelter Food 3 times Lunch, Evening tea, Dinner, Next day Morning tea Breakfast. Post lunch if water available water sports will be arranged on paying on the spot Ganeshgudi 22 km away. Next day Morning nature walks 6.30 am to for 2 hours. After breakfast check out. 1500/- per person. No extra persons allowed.
  If you add jungle safari with the same package rate will be 2250/-. 
You can carry some torch with some extra batteries. If in the monsoon with umbrella and in winter please carry warm clothes because the temperature will come down up to 15 degree Celsius.
    In the evening I have opted for a nature walk with one of the resort personnel who are kind enough to show me the path in the jungle we have spotted some baboons, birds and heard bear's voice.  Then the campfire started it’s a nice time with another family from Sholapur, Maharashtra. We don’t know each other because of the activity we had a nice time to interact with some tourist places of Odisha, Karnataka and Maharashtra.
   After that I am so hungry at exactly 8 o clock they have started the dinner. The chef served us a well cooked yummy menu. I really enjoyed rice, dal, chicken curry (Desi style), potato capsicum, roti, curd and pickle.
Gone to sleep because I have to start at 4 am from the jungle camp towards the reserve for the safari.
   A day here usually starts at 4 am sleep early get up early. Wake up call given by the resort personnel at exact 4 am to get ready for the Kali tiger reserve. Which was renamed in the year 2016? Before it used to be known as Dandeli Anshi Tiger reserve. Resort admin arranged a drive for us who picked us around 5 am and we headed towards pansoli which are the entry point to Kali tiger reserve. 

   Some lines about If you plan a nature/adventure trip need not worry. is designed for you only. They cover around 8 resorts in Dandeli which provides nature walk, white river rafting, bird watching, wild safari, guide based adventure trekking, rock watch and jungle camp like the stuff at a nominal price which you can’t imagine also. Their service is really fast and hassle free that what I liked a lot. They are very open to helping you every moment and very welcoming people.

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