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Karama Restaurant, Frazer Town Perfect destination for Arbic Food

   Empire the taste of Bangalore started their operations in Bangalore way back 1966 at the central street by Mr Haji C. Abdul Rahim. Karama is the brand under the label of Empire Pvt ltd. The same place was well known as Heritage before. They took over renovated the place and renamed as karma. What a nice concept of eating "Majlis". It's an Arabic term meaning "a place of sitting". An all new experience in eating. Paid my visit to a well known and crowded eatery in town with my foodie friends.  

   we have started our food full  journey with 2 of the tasty welcome drinks....
1. Pineapple Mint Lime :- Loaded with 2 citric fruits and flavour of Mint.
2. Mix cocktail :- with the goodness of carrot it's taste abos oule ty fabulous.

Then it's time for soups
1. Yakhani shorba :- Yakhani is a famous dish aromatised with cardamom and cinnamon from Kashmir. Shorba is well made and tasty.
2. Mutton Paya :- Although it's not related to Arabic or Pakistani dishes but they made this south Indian dish really really well.
3. Tomato Dhaniya Shorba :- Indian style soup made it up to the mark with well-maintained spice level.
4. Dal Shorba :- Especially in my recipes, I have used lentil (Masoor dal) but 1st time tasted the toor dal in soup and it's yummy believe me.


1. Fattoush :- well made the Levantine cuisine salad which was originated from Lebanon. Nice pieces of pita bread and veggies.
 2. Tabbouleh :- good one with lots of tomatoes.
3. Green salad :- the evergreen one.

Starter time
1. Pepper Laham Thashth :- small cubes of mutton dry cooked with the flavour of pepper best ever I have tasted.
2. Tawa Prawn :- I can't level it as the best one but the good one.

3. Kastoori kebab :- This the delicious one. They did not cook in small pieces which take out all juices out of it while the dry cooking method. They cooked with the full breast piece so nice If you are in Karama please order it.
4. Peshawari kabab :- well-marinated mutton with yoghurt. Peshwari kebab is a popular kebab preparation from the city Peshawar which was created during the Mughal era 16th century.

5. Murg Pakiza tikka:-  The whole chicken breast well marinated and cooked smooth in texture.
6. Stuffed Paneer :- Paneer stuffed with dry fruit and other masalas cooked up to the perfection in the clay oven with the aromas of charcoal.
7. Cheese Hara Bhara kabab:- Nicely made fried kebabs with potato and spinach. Got the big size version of its here with little bit higher spice level as compared to other preparations. But I liked it.

8. Dahi kabab :- Out of the world soft and mouth watering kababs with spices made out of hand curd.
9. Spicy potato :- cubes of potato balanced and mildly spiced.

After that, we started to struggle to have more food but we managed because of the taste and world class hospitality from the service brigade of Karama. Operations head of Karama and Empire Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore is present there to make sure everything goes fine.

Main course Bread
1. Karachi Naan :-  A huge sized Naan small size of original Karachi naan by the way.  They have modified the size of Naan as per the Indian a petite.
2. Garlic Naan :- They are really good in preparing Indian bread.
3. Lachedar Paratha :- well made layered parathas with the soft texture.
4. Kheema Naan :- It's a heavier version of Naan stuffed with minced meat. I had 1/2 of it and gone. Don't eat it fully you can't taste anything after this that yummy and heavy it is.

Main Course Gravy
1. Tawa Bheja :- Tawa bheja yummy preparation made out of the mutton brain.
2. Ghost Nihari :- Again a well-made preparation of mutton and thick heavy gravy.

3. Dabba Gosht :- to prepare yummy food you don't require more ingredients but lots of skill. It's tasted the home styled mutton curry yet tasty enough to rumble my taste buds.
4. Tawa Murgh :- A One.
5. Murgh Methi :- Anything you prepare with fenugreek you will feel the touch and taste of it. Same as here chefs prepared it to the perfection.

6. Tawa Mushroom :- Mushroom is one of my favourite dish from the veggie list. Dry preparation well made and we have successfully finished it.
7. Palak Malai Kofta :- Malai koftas dipped into Spinach gravy and you know how it tastes yummy mmmm.
8. Tawa Veg :- At It's best.
9. Dal Makhani :- The best Dal Makhani I have ever tasted in my life. I have opted for the 2nd bowl and some other my foodie friends also.

Biryani & Rice
1. veg pulao :- All of my veggie friends enjoyed it.
2. Peas Pulao :- Delicate one as per it's named and they made it really good.
3.Mandi :- Mandi is traditional preparation style from Yemen with the smoke, raisins, pine nuts and peanuts.

Juice & Milk shakes
1. Nari Nari :- Refreshing drink.
2. Khalb :- I liked it because of its taste.
3. Arush:- Aroma is beautiful.
4. Water Melon Cooler- gives you extra coolness.

1. Malpova :- Small size makes it more etable.
2. Doodi ka halwa :- Doodhi (bottle gourd) or Lauki halwa is one of my favourites . They cooked it with the milk up to the mark. Then saute it with desi ghee so the texture came excellent.
3. Jalebi with Rabadi :- Fabulous taste crunchiness and clour what more you require in your jalebi. Good quality Rabadi served with this.

Bon Appetite Chef BB

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