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Spices: the heart of Indian cuisine

Spices are always the heart of Indian cuisines. As a chef, I try to play around different recipes but the hidden secret behind the narrative of a good food story comes from its spices. Spices that play a vital role in making the dish divinely scrumptious, delightfully appetising and aromatic by all standards. I can’t deny the fact that my family is also used to the standard tastes of the cuisines that my mother used to make. Even as a Chef, while trying out different recipes, I have failed many times when my family did not approve of the experiments. It was mostly the proportion of spices in every dish that made it stand apart from my mother’s recipe’s standard tastes.
As we sit around the dining table on a lazy Sunday afternoon, it is the aroma and taste of the food that uplifts the mood of my friends. After my previous failures in trying to please my friends with experimental food, I could take chances no further.I have always wanted my recipes to have an everlasting taste, so I had to try something better.
I then found out Tata Sampan’s spices and used them for my recipes which ultimately turned out really good. Some of which I wish to share with you below.
Dal tadka Masala is the perfect blend of Masalas to give a nice taste to your dal. I have used it in different ways. I made Moong Dal Tadka with it. I am sharing its quick recipe with you.
To make Moong daal tadka, use whole Green Moong dal. Wash the daal and soak it in water for 20 25 minutes. Cook it in a pressure cooker for 25 to 30 minutes. Heat oil in a pan and add cumin, whole red chilli, ginger juliennes, asafoetida sauté it for a few minutes. Add turmeric powder, Dhania powder finely chopped tomatoes and cook it for few minutes. Add 1 pouch of Dal tadka masala of Tata Sampann.  Add cooked dal along with salt cook it for 2 to 3 minutes. Add some green coriander and serve it hot.

Mattar Paneer is another good quality spice mix from Tata Sampann, I must say. You will always have a complaint about Paneer (cottage cheese) whatever the way you cook it, it will not be as tasty like in restaurants. By using the Premix spices of Tata Sampann I don’t think you will have that complaint. I have made Mattar Paneer and trust me it comes out real good. You can get the detailed recipe on my blog as well, meanwhile enjoy the visuals.

   Pindi choley is one of the fantastic recipes I have ever tasted in one of Delhi’s Punjabi restaurants. I did not get the most appropriate recipe and some other things went wrong too. But the saviour came into action! The Punjabi Chole Masala helped me create extremely tasty Pindi choley. Enjoy the visuals here and come back to the blog to have the full recipe. Thanks to Tata Sampann I must say that one must try it in their kitchen.

        Turmeric always plays a vital role in Indian lifestyle not just for cooking but for many other purposes. I realised that Tata Sampan’s turmeric is very good in quality and colour. I even did my tiny bit of research wondering if they had used any colour. I realised that I was absolutely wrong with my cynicism and they have actually used the Curcumin filled turmeric. You might ask me what is Curcumin . Curcumin is a component of the Indian spice turmeric (Curcumin longa), a type of ginger. Curcumin is one of three curcuminoids present in turmeric, the other two being desmethoxycurcumin and bis-desmethoxycurcumin. These curcuminoids give turmeric its yellow colour and curcumin are used as a yellow food colourant and food additive.

Coming to their Chilli Powder, I found it really good in taste, quality and aroma.  I used it for my Chicken Rogan josh recipe. Rogan josh is a typical Kashmiri dish where we usually use lamb to prepare the delicacy and to give the distinct red colour we use Ratanjot, the typical spice found only in Kashmir. I  used Tata Sampan's Chilli powder and its colour was just as I expected it to be, spectacular. Check it out as well.

One amazing thing about the Tata Sampann Masala is their 5-pouch packaging. Every box of their masala contains 5 pouches which can be used with each of the recipes. The amazing quality behind this masala is that it does not lose their aroma and flavour even after it is opened. From now on, I won’t have to worry about pleasing my family, thanks to Tata Sampann Masalas.

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