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Flechazo - My Love at First Sight

    Yummy that's the first stuff I remember always when use to remind the name of the restaurant. The best buffet restaurant option as I know in and nearby Marathalli up to now. What an ambience they have designed which have sufficient seating place for 140 to 150 plus people at any given point of time. Don't forget to reserve your table prior your visit. I have done that thank god for that on the Sunday lunch time more than 50 to 60 people waiting outside for a table. As you enter you can see the food shots counter. 

Which is very innovative and eye catchy. Need to ask for your food you just have to grab your favorite food from the counter Green bowl represents veg and Red to Non-veg. The rotating belt makes it really easy not to move from your place. You can have the food shots there or bring to your table.    Their wood fired pizza live counter gives the guests a chance to do their own pizza. That's another experience to try out hands-on cooking. 

The bright colour combination of white and yellow gives it an eye catchy stuff. You can order your pasta from the live pasta counter as well.     As all other buffet restaurants, they are serving some of the lip-smacking starters on your table. 

Veg Dumplings in Chilli Basil Sauce - Dumplings are crispy sauce is tasty and correctly thickened with a touch basil's twist.

Cinnamon Honey Pineapple - As you see chef will serve it hot on your table directly from the rotating grille. With the Cinamon and honey's taste Pineapple was heavenly. 5 out of 5.

Crispy Corn - As a corn lover I usually like the corn preparation but they prepared the crisp corn really good.

Char Grilled Mushroom - you can smell it right away tasting the mushroom. 

Asian Cheese Potato - cheesy and tasty one.

In Nov veg Starter

Punjabi murgh tikka - The best of the day tender and juicy.

Teriyaki Chilly chicken - Flavour of teriyaki is present and the Indo -Chinese taste is also there. That's the good thing they maintained the both the flavors.

Tawa Masala Fish - They used basa after that also used the Indian spices really well and marinated it really well. I liked the fish 4.5 out 5. If they use sear they will get 5 out 5.

Str Fried Thai Prawns - Prawn while writing the review my taste buds started licking again please don't laugh that's true. Must try for all prawn lovers.

Chicken Shawarma - They have provided some freshly grilled chicken and khubus. You can prepare your own shawarma at your table that's too cool.

In Food Shot Counter I have tried some of their Shots.....

Pani Poori - Poori they made or outsourced not sure but it's really good quality and served with the Jal jeera water for better digestion. 

Volcano Sushi - Not a typical sushi flavor but they made it differently made and a well try.

In main Course Veg

I have tried Paneer Labadar, Dal Palak bothe dishes made with perfection.

In main course Non Veg

Coastal Crab Curry - I have tried them in Vizag while my Hotel management. There is a small eatery near to Rishikonda (Flat beach of Vizag) called Rajlu Dhaba. You will get the crab curry there this is the same and my memories got refreshed. 

Laal Maas, Fish in green Thai curry and Murgh dum biryani was not disappointed me as well.


Fresh Jalebi, Doodhi halwa, Angoori Gulab Jamun and Kesar Phirni what can I ask for a lovely sunday.

Apart from that, I have liked Kiwi Souffle and Mini Macaroons.

Kids are happy at the Smokin" Cold - the instant ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

Food -         5 out of 5
Service -     5 out of 5
Ambiance - 5 out of 5

Bon Appetite @Chef BB

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